Meridian Consulting Group is proud to offer FacilitateCL™ as a convenient, affordable solution to the annual Indoor Air Quality Teacher's Checklist. FacilitateCL™ is an online survey specifically designed for collecting and reporting information on your facilities' indoor air quality.  

FacilitateCL™ offers the following features:

  • Online access and data entry for teachers (NO MORE PAPER)

  • Comprehensive, detailed reports including:
    • Summary reports by district and by individual schools (View example 1 ) (View example 2 )
    • Detailed topic reports (View example - 2.5Mb)
    • Respondent list report - Provides you a list of teachers and contact information for easy follow-up
    • Comments report - Provides direct feedback regarding IAQ issues and allows staff to express concerns that may not be specifically addressed by the survey
    • Specific respondent report (available upon request)
    • Specific room report (available upon request)
    • Reports are generated by Meridian and emailed to you in PDF format upon completion of your checklist.

  • Online management (login as an administrator and modify the basic settings for your checklist)
    • Custom questions specific to your district
    • Customizable required respondent fields (allows you to turn on/off requirements for entering respondent information (e.g. name, building, room, email, etc.) This validates entries to the database to limit junk records.
    • Modifiable welcome message and more

  • Live demonstration available (Take a walk-through)

  • Fully customizable to your specifications (on request at additional cost)

  • Based on the EPA's "Tools for Schools" Teacher's Checklist and complies with MDE funding requirements

Contact us for more information including pricing.